About the Smart Park & Charge-solution

Smart Park & Charge is a modern, comprehensive charging- and parkingsolution for anyone offering EV charging or paid parking lots. The Smart Park & Charge-system is based on the latest mobile and web technology, and consists of the following components:

  • the operator customized mobile app for the vehicle owner
  • a web based operator backoffice
  • a more detalied web interface for the vehicle owner.
These front- and backend services are then connected to the chosen form of payment, such as Mastercard, Visa, bank transfer, prepayment and invoicing.
APIs are available for integration with surveillance, charge monitoring, and other system generated data via OCPP (Open Charge Point Protocol).

A Common Code Base

Smart Park & Charge uses a common code base which gives us one app for all smartphones. Today all the large mobile platforms – iOS (iPhone, iPad), Android and Windows Phone – are supported. This ensures that the latest functionality always is available for all platforms at the same time.

Payment Methods

The system has links to several different payment methods. No matter how you choose to use the Smart Park & Charge system, we will charge in an easy and secure way for the EV charging and parking done through the system. We continuously monitor market trends and implements ongoing support for multiple payment options.

Web Interface

The different web parts of the Smart Park & Charge-solution can be integrated with the operator's web page.The system supports different zones and charging points with differentiated pricing. The geopositioning feature allows available chargers to be displayed in real-time. 2FA (two-factor authenti- cation) secures and protects payments made through the system. The backoffice and web interface are powered by Nicon’s TelMe system for optimal dependabilty.